The task of proving communications often requires an independent third party to make a record that can be relied upon by third party arbitrators.  We provide an email address where correspondence can be carbon copied to.

So when you wish to prove an email conversation existed send an email.    If it won’t hurt, send a carbon copy to us by all means do so.

We make no guarantees about privacy or security of any of the data so the risk is yours.  We also reserve the right to delete posts for any reason.  To better protect the evidence of your email I encourage you to support where with a paid account you might be able to direct them to make a snapshot of this web site after you email posting has been processed into a blog post here.

This service is in a beta state and presently is free.  However we may restrict service to paid subscribers in the future.

This is a project of and it’s founder JOSEPH WILLIAM BAKER®


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